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Relocating made much easy for students in Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and 26th largest of America. With more than 16 lakhs people, out of which there are number of students studying in various Universities and graduating every year, relocation from one university to another if required can be done by packagers and movers in Montreal. The best moving companies offering student discount in Montreal are much in number amongst which some are Montreal moving, Demenagement Alex, Demenagement ProImperial etc. Each company has its own features in relocating and proves to be better than one another with various advantages and few disadvantages as well.

All these are moving companies in Montreal but with specialized feature of extra discounts to only students in and around Montreal. These moving companies offer student discount in Montreal to attract the students to select their company when the idea of relocating arises in their mind.


Discount percentage of 5% to 10% for student’s relocation in Montreal

At first we see about the Montreal moving company. This organization helps the students with easy relocation in lesser prices. It tells about the various standards of moving present such as Economic moves which is the cheapest in which the movers take care of only the loading and unloading of furniture and boxes. The standard moves for students where movers and trucks dismantle the furniture load transport and finally unload the packages. Finally the comfort move for students is the student has no job to do and the movers take care of everything but are the highest rate for relocation. This organization provides a discount percentage of 5% to 10% for student’s relocation in Montreal; they offer high quality movers without any damage to goods and this discount is valid only if the date is fixed priory with 3 weeks time and also includes a check point of relocating done only between middle of months such as from10th to 20th.


Long distance move for students Montreal to Toronto, Quebec.

When we have a glance at the Demenagement Economique Alex, they offer high quality moves with less investment in moving. A call to this organization will quote the best price and special discounts for students moving in Montreal. They also provide students with long distance move and contrary additional discounts. Keeping track of Student budget in mind, these movers offer moving into or from Montreal to another place either at start or at the end of Semesters.

The move cost can be much reduced if the move is shared with roommate or friends. The mover come driver will advise us on how to perform moving with kits present and this alternatively tells us that packing, loading and unloading should be done by oneself.

They offer special discounts with the same statement as quoted above where move between middle of months and advance booking from 2-3 weeks for a 5% to 10% discount. The cost of moving depends upon the distance where 1-200$ will earn a discount of 5%, 201$- 500$ will earn a discount of 8% and finally above 500$ with discount of 10 %. They provide quality moving with safety guaranteed in goods.


Movers in Montreal with high experience and easy moving

Various other companies which provide discounts for student moving in Montreal are Demenagement ProImperial which has been operational from 2007 is a standard moving company with free quotes, packing and shipping, local and long distance moves with ultimate storage. They offer high quality moving with special discounts quoted for students at middle month time. Some other companies, which are movers in Montreal with high experience and easy moving. They provide discounts based on distance however special discounts to students always remain as such until a change of price is quoted. Montreal is an ideal place for study with better advantages however student moving in and out is taken care of movers present with additional discounts only to students which are much helpful. 

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We were very, very satisfied with the service given by Pro Imperial Moving Company. They were on time (8:00), protected all the furniture, worked very efficiently and were very courteous. Highly recommended this home moving company! Dan Amos.

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