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Are you planning to move in Anjou, Montreal? Here you will find some information about this city! Demenagement ProImperial will help you for all your moving needs just call us! We move all personal belongs, billiard, piano and all kind of appliances. Anjou, Canada just looks like a fairy-tale city undergoing a renaissance through tourism, for the best and for the worse. The seen the emergence of new hotels, restaurants and of a young generation intent on living as bon vivants. That is very good news for visitors and tourists, who will be enchanted by the old centre and then join the local beauties down the city streets for a night of golden beer as well as cocktails. Before 2002 merger Anjou City was known as Ville d'Anjou.

At that time, it was a inconspicuous provincial town in Canada. It then came to prominence under the ruler Prince who was the 1st ruler of the city. Under the ruler and his successors, Anjou City became a popular trading centre but it was only after 15th century once the dynasty ended that Anjou's golden period began. Under Charles IV of Luxembourg, a whole new town was founded, and the entire face of Anjou changed- to become one of the most important cities of 14th century Europe. Anjou is a city with over 40,000 residents. Since the 2000s, this city of Canada has had one of the highest rates of population growth in the whole country.


Schools and Language in Anjou

One of the first and most important decisions expats with children face concerns schooling in Anjou, Canada. While most expats choose to send their children to public schools and the other hand some opt for an Anjou private schools.

If you are planning to live in Anjou City long-term, enrolling your kid in a good English or French language operated school helps them integrate locally as well as pick up the language. The fact that university education in the Anjou is free for French and English-speaking students also makes it worthwhile for children to learn the language while they are at school. The Ministry of Youth and Education Canada has further information on this topic.

The education commission of this city operates French-language public schools for children. There are some English language schools also available in this city.

Buying and Selling Home in Anjou

Buying and selling a home in any part of the world is a huge endeavour. The deadlines, paperwork, and research can all be very stressful. Couple it with selling your home at the same time is an overwhelming headache. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are buying or selling your home in Anjou, Canada.

To clarify, you can sell and buy a new home around the same time, but naturally, in Anjou, you are not going to buy a new home on the same day you sell your old home. In Anjou, you are at the mercy of the real estate market as well as potential buyers. You might find a beautiful new home that you are ready to buy in Anjou, but on the other hand, no one has placed the bid on your current home. It is also sometimes easier in Anjou to get a new mortgage when you have sold your old mortgage.

Moving from One Place to Another in Anjou

Moving from one place to another is one of the hardest things to do in any part of the world.   It is a huge decision like moving from old place to new means thinking ahead. Demenagement ProImperial in Anjou will help you moving to a new house from one city to another. It is no secret that moving all household items is stressful, and moving company Demenagement ProImperial here to help you with this huge problem.

These moving companies in Anjou do a wide variety of local moves, which includes single-family homes, apartments, dorms, retirement communities, condos, and much more! If you are stressed about packing up your all home items before moving then Demenagement ProImperial will also provide you full-service packing as well as unpacking services, too.

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