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Residential, apartment and home moving in Montreal


Moving is not an easy task in Montreal. You might have to face different problems while moving. The process should be well planned and everybody wants the task to be completed in the less time with less expenditure. There are many Moving Companies in Montreal, demenagement Montreal, that offers the residential, apartment and home moving service. The service and the price offered by the companies varies from one another. It might be very difficult to choose the appropriate moving company for yourself. It is always not easy as explained by the moving companies, many unexpected problems occurs occasionally while making a move.


If you are looking for residential, apartment or a home moving in Montreal, you can find many moving companies in the city via internet. Many companies have created their website and offers their service online. But it is better to decide, if you really need a moving company or you can complete your task just by taking the rental trucks. If you are confident that you can complete the job by yourself as you have not got many belongings and goods to be transferred then you can just rent the car. However, it might prove to be very difficult task. Moving companies might help to make the job easy but it can be very expensive in Montreal.


After deciding the moving company, make sure that you book the company early. July 1st is very busy hour for the movers in Montreal. Many of the moving companies in the city might already been fully reserved before the last week of June. So it is better to book as quickly as you can. 


Among the many Moving companies in Montreal Demenagement Montreal, followings are the some of the popular companies:-

  • Demenagement Economique Alex
  • Demenagement ProImperial
  • Montreal ProBillard
  • ProAssemblage


If you decide to not to go for the Moving Companies and you can manage the move by just hiring a truck then there are many Truck Rentals in Montreal. But for a no stress move, is better use movers and his truck.


We offer:

Piano moving, upright and grand piano

Billiard move and install

Assembling furniture 

Long distance Montreal to Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau.


To make the moving task easy and cheap, proper planning is very essential. The movers should always choose the Moving Company that offers the best service so that all the belongings are safely moved to the destination. The companies that arrives on the time and that have got the skilled manpower to move your all type of the belonging should be chosen.

And to make the move cheap, it is very wise idea to be fully prepared before the movers arrive at your home. Make sure that the home, resident or apartment you are moving is also ready, and is there is a elevator you must reserve it. It will help you to reduce the charge in case you have agreed on the hourly payment package. And always re-check the pack items as some time you might forget something when you are in hurry.

Our services:

Billiard Move and installation


Montreal Billiard Movers

We were very, very satisfied with the service given by Pro Imperial Moving Company. They were on time (8:00), protected all the furniture, worked very efficiently and were very courteous. Highly recommended this home moving company! Dan Amos.

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