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Moving can be stressful! We offer you the best solutions and price to move from Montreal, Laval, Longueuil to Shawinigan. Demenagement ProImperial is a residential moving company, home moving, household moving company, apartment moving in Montreal. In the same time, we do residential and office moves in all cities and villages neighborhood of Shawinigan: move from Montreal to Saint-Boniface, move from Montreal to Grand-Mère, to Saint-Maurice, Montreal to Saint-Barnabé, Montreal to Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, Montreal to Saint-Élie, Montreal to Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel. We can help make your move a little easier.


Shawinigan city is in Quebec on the Saint Maurice-River in the Mauricie area lying in the judicial district of Saint-Maurice. The area is in terms of area equal to a county municipality and according to the census of 2011 the population stands at 50,060. The geographical code of Shawinigan is 36. They have been various interpretations of the meaning of the city ranging from portage of beaches to crest. Others include angular portage etc. The city had a change in name before the 1960's. Earlier it was called Shawinigan Falls but the name later shortened to Shawinigan in 1958.


The history of the city Shawinigan can be traced back to the European travelers who came as missionaries in the 17th century. The missionaries used to go to the Maurice River and rest in what is modern day Shawinigan. Before the city was established it was largely dependent on agriculture and lumber industry. The industry blossomed a little late when in the last decade of 19th century an array of businessman including John Edward and Hubert Biermans realized the geographic potential of the area as it was a natural place to generate hydroelectric power. The place grew from strength to strength gaining municipality status in 1901 followed by status of town in 1902.


In Shawinigan, French is the primary language with an impressive 98% of the population identifying French as their mother tongue. Only 0.9% of the population identify English as their first language.  The statistics are not different from other towns and cities of Quebec where a similar pattern ensues. The city faced a difficult period which started in the 1950's where the city's geographic importance lessened with the advancement in technology. The industries moved to bigger cities. Thus, many English-speaking natives migrated because of which only a single English speaking school remained by the name of Shawinigan High School. Even the last English newspaper stopped its publication into he 1970's. All in all, there are eight public schools in the area such as Saint Joseph, Saint Jacques (both elementary) and Centre d'éducation des adultes du Saint-Maurice (higher education).


If you are looking for a home in Shawinigan, you have choices of both renting an apartment or buying it outright. The area is inexpensive as we mentioned due to declining population and moving away of industry which makes it a secluded, more private place as compared to other big cities of Quebec. For a one bedroom place, you should pay around $300 and for a two-bedroom place you will be expected to pay around $400. A three-bedroom place may be rented in the range of $500- 600. Alternatively, you may choose to buy a place for yourself in the area. A 2-bedroom apartment will cost you $ 99,000. A four-bedroom home will be in price range of $135,000. Choose wisely before splashing the cash as the number of dependents you have will ultimately decide how big an apartment you would like to buy or rent. Budgeting is the key.


Residential Moving Service from Montreal to Shawinigan

Looking for a residential moving company to help you to move from Montreal to Shawinigan?  We move your goods with the greatest of care. We are experienced professional Montreal moving company offers the luxury residential and commercial moving services at competitive prices. Before moving from Montreal to Shawinigan, it is imperative you get a transparent quote from a reliable moving company who can give you a detailed estimate on your total moving expenditure based on your furniture and other items you would be moving.


Piano moving from Montreal, Laval, Longueuil to Shawinigan area

Are you looking for the best piano movers to help with your next move?  If you are moving items such as pool tables or pianos be sure to let your moving company know so they can give you the most accurate quote before you decide to spend. We are piano movers, and we can move any model and size of piano from Montreal to Saint-Boniface, piano move from Montreal to Grand-Mère, to Saint-Maurice, piano Montreal to Saint-Barnabé, piano Montreal to Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, piano Montreal to Saint-Élie, piano Montreal to Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Lac-Bédard, Lac-Doucet, Grandes-Piles, Saint-Narcisse, Saint-Tite,. There are number of good moving companies in Montreal, before book your move contact us.

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