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All information you need know before moving in Saint-Leonard, St. Micheli, Rosemon, Anjou, Montreal-Est. Demenagement ProImperial offer you professional move with no cost. It is one of the boroughs of Montreal. Call us today to get best services and prices for your move, demenagement in Saint Leonard, Montreal.  In its earlier times it was not attached to any city. It was in year 2002 that it was attached with the city of Montreal. When it was not the part of Montreal it was known as " St-Leonard de port Maurice". Actually, this name was kept paying honour to leonard of Port Maurice. This city was established as a little village in the fourth month of year 1886. It took this city a very short time to get the face of a city that happened on Fifth day of March 1915.

This city does not have a lot of population. Here we must quote the 2011's Canadian census according to which this city had a population of about 75,707 people. The people of this area mainly speak English language. You can find them speaking other languages as well like French and Spanish.

The city of St. Leonard is rich in schools. All of these schools have good rating. Following are a few good schools of this city.

  • Laurier Macdonald High School
  • St. Leonard Elementary School

Are you planning to move from Montreal to Saint Leonard? Yes? Have you considered about the homes of this city? Are you worried how would you settle in any of the homes of St. Leonard? Well! you shouldn't be worrying about this. St. Leonard has cool homes to offer both on rent and sale. You can find all sizes of homes here from extra small apartments for students to big houses for joint-families. So, it is not going to be a tough game if you move to this city. To add more, we must tell that these houses are finely made so they won't make you miss your old house at Montreal. So, just find a good home here and move to this beautiful city.

Move your House:

Demenagement ProImperial can help you move your home from Montreal to St.Leonard. The workers of this company are the best as they are too strong for picking up the furniture, very friendly with the clients and are never resilient for working in odd conditions.


Move your Office in Saint Leonard 

The commercial side of this city is very fine. It has tall fine buildings within it that have good spacious rooms in them. You can rent in or buy any of the buildings or a office here. So, if you are opening up a new branch of your office somewhere in Canada or thinking of moving to any other City then St. Leonard's commercial area is where you should be.


Move Your Billiard in Saint Leonard 

Trans Canada Movers Inc are excellent billiard movers. They are really good at assembling and de-assembling the billiard tables. So, if you are thinking of taking in the help of some good movers in moving your billiard from Montreal to St. Leonard then they would be the best choice for you.


Move Your Piano in Saint Leonard 

Pianos are very bulky instruments. Moving them is not a task that can be done by the family members alone. It needs at-least four people that can pick it up, load it in the truck, off-load it at the destined place and settle it there. So, we would recommend you to take the help of Demenagement ProImperial  as they are too good at it. After taking in their services you would that they are the best Piano movers.

Move Your Furniture in Saint Leonard 

Demenagement ProImperial offers good deals for the assembling and de-assembling of the furniture while moving from Montreal to St.Leonard. All you have to do is to tell them that where your furniture is and where you want it to be shifted. They would shift it in a little time and would fix your furniture where ever you want them to fix them, in your new house


Get Student Discount in Saint Leonard 

Discounts are loved by the clients. Clients love the company if it pays regard to their buying capabilities. This is what Demenagement ProImperial knows and offers good discounted rates to the students when they move from Montreal to St. Leonard. 

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We were very, very satisfied with the service given by Pro Imperial Moving Company. They were on time (8:00), protected all the furniture, worked very efficiently and were very courteous. Highly recommended this home moving company! Dan Amos.

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