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Are you planning to move to Hampstead, Montreal? Contact us to get best price and solution for your move. This is a little town in Canada. It was established in year 1914. It does not engulf a large area within it. This city got merged with some of the neighboring cities like some other little towns and cities of Canada. It got merged in year, 2001 but in 2004 it got de-merged when a new government came in and a referendum was taken for knowing the will of the people. It was merged with Saint-Cote-Luc and Montreal West. This city has a good environment as it has a lot of greenery. When you enter this city then its greenery cools off your eyes and makes you feel peace at heart. The city is planned in such a way so that its beauty remains intact. As the state was green and most of its area was under the golf courses hence it was given a name that matched the garden city of London, the suburb of Hampstead Village.

This city does not have a large population. According to the census of year 2011 it has a population of around 7,153 people. About 60.9% of the people of this city speak English language. Other 40% is covered by following languages; French, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian, Polish, Yiddish Hebrew, Arabic.

This city does not have a lot of schools within it but those that are present here are really good at imparting quality education to the students. Here is a list of the schools where you can get admission or if you are a parent to some child then get him admitted to these schools; Hampstead Elementary School, Ecole Primarie Hampstead.

Do you love the big Victorian style homes? Do you want to live in any of those lush houses? Yes? Well! You can buy home at Hampstead and move from Montreal to Hampstead to meet your desire of living into a big house. The houses of Hampstead give an experience of a life that the royal people lead. Being in any of these houses one feels as if he belongs to some royal family and the house he is residing in is some royal palace. Well! You must be feeling odd to read this article but trust us, this is not a joke.

The houses of Hampstead are really magnificent, luring and attractive. Each of these houses are finely made. The details and interiors of these homes are worthy of great praises. The lawns here are so big that one can arrange a good wedding party here. Apart from that these homes are ideal for the pool or billiard parties as they have all the space for keeping a billiard table and have finely made swimming pools. So, if you are buying or renting in a home here then you must hire the billiard movers as well so that they may get your party stuff here where you have all the chances of throwing big parties.


 Move your home to Hampstead

Hampstead would give you a new life experience. It would add a lot of fun to your life. So, move your home, apartment from Montreal to Hampstead. You can do this easily if you go for the services of Demenagement ProImperial.


Move your Office, business to Hampstead

 Hampstead is a city where all businesses run. There is no such business that is not being run at this town. So, if you are looking for expanding your business then you can open one of your office branch here at Hampstead as well. Apart from that you can even move your office from Montreal to Hampstead if your business is not bringing in the desired result for you.


Move your Piano in Hampstead

The Demenagement ProImperial Montreal Moving Company are really good Piano movers. You won’t have to worry about your piano if you choose to move your piano from Montreal to Hampstead by taking in their services.


Get Student Moving Discounts in Hampstead

The Demenagement ProImperial Montreal Moving Company respects and loves students. It wants that the students from all over the Canada may have a freehand in studies. For this reason, they offer student discounts to them when they move from Montreal to Hampstead.


Billiard or pool table Moving and intsall in Hampstead

Get your billiard moved by Demenagement ProImperial Montreal Moving Company. They would de-assemble, move and re-assemble it at the new place without any scratch.


Furniture Assembling Services in Montreal

Moving furniture is not really easy! You must be wondering why? Well! You must open the screws, keep them save, move the whole thing to a new place and re-assemble the same at that shifted place. Does not it seem to be tiring? Well! It really is but you do not have to worry about it as Demenagement ProImperial can do this all for you.

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Billiard Move and installation


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We were very, very satisfied with the service given by Pro Imperial Moving Company. They were on time (8:00), protected all the furniture, worked very efficiently and were very courteous. Highly recommended this home moving company! Dan Amos.

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