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Before to choose a moving company to move you in Westmount, contact us. Westmount is situated in southwestern part of Canada. It is a suburb situated on an Island of Montreal. It engulfs all the good things that a city needs within it. For-example; good parks, libraries, pools and much more. This is a rich city with all the developments that a good developed city has within it. Moreover, the community living at this city is regarded as the richest community of Canada. So, if you are planning to move from Montreal to Westmount then it is going to be good decision on your part. This city was given a lot of names before it attained its present-day name. These names include; La Petite Montagne, Cote-Saint-Antoine and Notre-Dame-de Grace etc. This city was established in 1874 when it had some other name. In earlier stages, it was a little amalgamation of few people then it took a face of a village and eventually became a big city. So, it has a history like all other Canadian cities. 

Per the census of year 2011, this city has a population of about 19,931. People at this city usually talk in English language. Some of them use other languages as well like; French.

The schools at Westmount offer quality education with an atmosphere which is needed by all the students to work in a good manner. Following are a few good schools that you can find at this rich city: Westmount high school, Selwyn High School, The study, Roslyn Elementary Schools.

 In addition to the above-mentioned schools this city has some schools for the special kids as well. One such example is “Montreal school for the deaf”.

As told earlier that the city is really rich hence the houses here have all the luxuries within them. These houses are quite big with good parking spaces for the cars, sports or gaming areas, lawns and swimming pools. To be honest, these houses are just like the dream houses. They have everything within them that one dreams about. So, if you want to fulfill your desire of living in a dream house then you should buy home here. You can also rent in house here as many of these are available for renting in as well.


Move your home or apartment to Westmount

The houses here are too good to be lived in. Is there any point of not going and living in such houses when you can easily do this and your life would have a good twist within it? So, to get a good experience you must move your house from Montreal to Westmount. In addition to big houses, this city has a good, healthy and clean atmosphere. Who would not want to live here?


Move your office or business to Westmount

The offices at this city are really magnificent. You must move your office from Montreal to Westmount as it is likely to give your business a good boost. Wondering how? Well! It is a business hub and we guess this explains our viewpoint.


Move your piano to Westmount

Are you looking for the best piano movers? Yes? Well! Demenagement ProImperial offer residential and commercial moving services can help you in this regard as they are the best in this regard. You must be wondering how we are saying this, right? Well! They have the best workers who have strong arms that do not let your stuff to be damaged. In addition to that, they are really quick in their services. All you would need to do would call them and in a short time they would ring your doorbell to pick up your stuff. Furthermore, they are truly trustworthy. You wouldn’t even find a smallest thing of yours to be misplaced.


Get student discount for a move in Westmont

Demenagement ProImperial residential and commercial moving services offers the best student discounts to the students who aim to move their belongings from Montreal to Westmount. You can even trust the same company if you are looking for good billiard movers as you would get good services from them with a good student discount.


 Billiard Movers in Westmount

The Demenagement ProImperial residential and commercial moving services are even best for your billiard tables. They are all trained in de-assembling and assembling these tables. So, if you love your billiard tables and do not want them to get damaged then you can trust this company.


Move your Stuff with Assemblers in Westmount

Well! If you are looking for the apartment movers that give assembling and de-assembling services of furniture, then you can take in the services of Demenagement ProImperial residential and commercial moving company. They are too good at it and they assemble the stuff so tightly that there remains no chance of your stuff to fall apart.

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We were very, very satisfied with the service given by Pro Imperial Moving Company. They were on time (8:00), protected all the furniture, worked very efficiently and were very courteous. Highly recommended this home moving company! Dan Amos.

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