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Moving from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant with our moving company Demenagement ProImperial and safe money and time. The name Mont-Tremblant at first was just a name of a mountain close to Montreal and with time a village sprouted at the foot of the mountain. The name has even been commonly applied to the resort close to the village itself, that is one of Canada’s most popular vacation spot and skiing destinations. The city does not have long history as the whole area most especially around the Laurentian Mountains was not occupied until the late 19th century. The first colonists of this land were enticed by the prospect of a railway into the territory. They were also attracted by the rich soil. The Mont-Tremblant Lodge and the mountain’s first chairlift opened in 1939, and this was a major step towards transforming the quiet northern hamlet into a major winter land resort. The mountains also attracted ski enthusiasts and Travelers, but it went full scale and discovered its potentials in 1991 when Intrawest purchased Mont Tremblant. This development brought about the construction of the pedestrian village, restaurants, world-class shops, and nightlife venues. The city in the past 8 years, has been recognized as the best ski resort in eastern North-America, and has even gone further to becoming a year-round tourist destination for all. The total population of the zone of Mont-Tremblant was 12,581 permanent residents as at 2013. The territory has also seen a 14.8% population increase that is big when compared to a 1.4% growth for Quebec as a whole.

French is the major language spoken in Tremblant. 90% of the population speaks French as their first language but most of the workers around the Resort and tourist speak English as their first language. Mont-Tremblant Canada is in the only French speaking region in Canada. Majority of the signage throughout are written in French with their English translation written under nit. Though English is not spoken universally throughout every province in Quebec but it is not the same story in this City. Therefore, with this division tourists that travel to the region that speak English are spoken to in English. In terms of schools, the city has five elementary schools on its territory, one professional training school, one high school and one public college which is Collège international de Mont-Tremblant.

The process of getting a house in Tremblant is pretty easy and simple, especially if you are used to the American system because there is not much difference. When you want to purchase a property in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, it is advisable to first contact a Realtor in the area. Getting a realtor is also easy as you can find them from the internet, by word of mouth or even from the numerous brochures distributed throughout the city that advertise real estate in Tremblant. Many of Mont-Tremblant real estate Brokers in the region advertise their properties through brochures are distributed in bars, shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Well organized realtors in Mt-Tremblant will be able to show about 8 properties per day. So, if you are contemplating buying a condo or chalet in Mont-Tremblant remember that it is not your hometown so make sure you enlist the help of the best real estate professionals available including a lawyer, home inspector or anyone else that can represent you during the transaction to avoid being scammed.

Thinking of moving into Mont-Tremblant, well there are different ways you can move inDemenagement Montreal.  By plane, Mont-Tremblant International Airport has seasonal direct flights from Newark and Toronto to Mont-Tremblant airport. Montreal Airport is the closest major airport too you can move with. By car, Mont-Tremblant can be accessed via autoroute from Montreal through to Sainte-Agathe, to Chemin Duplessis, and there you will see indications on how to get to Mont-Tremblant. The whole trip takes about 70 to 90 minutes. You can also decide to shave a few kilometres off the journey from the west (Ottawa and Toronto) by using the smaller roads, but the roads are small and usually snowed in during the winter. By Bus, 2 intercity bus lines are available to move you into Mont-Tremblant. And not forgetting the movers that have their services in the city. We offer moving service from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant for the best price, we move piano, billiard table movers, just contact us: 514-998-5520.

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