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Move to Montreal for a new Job


Montreal is rich in art and cultural diversity. The population is increasing every year as it is becoming one of the favorite destination for many people around the world. People are moving to the city for the various purpose like to study and to work.

If you are looking to move from foreign country, you can do it by applying for the visa. Visa will be provided for only those who have passed the medical examination and are able to support themselves financially in Montreal. You should also undergo the written and verbal exam and also you should have the document of the of the police clearance.


Looking for job in Montreal? Learn french!

Historically, Montreal was known as Canada’s financial center. After Toronto it is still the highest financial center. In the city there are many commercial and financial institutes. You can also find many factories, industries and business and technology centers. After moving to Montreal, one can apply for the job in those companies.

However, getting job in the city is not easy. As most of the people speak French, it will be bonus point for you to find a job. So, it will be very beneficial for the people looking for job in Montreal if they move after completing the basic French language class.


Move to Montreal for short or long period


After you move to Montreal you will either need to have a “temporary working permit” or a “residence permit” for job. A residence permit is provided to those who are looking to settle down in Montreal permanently or they are going to stay in the city for longer time. If you get can get this type of permit then you will be able to enjoy the Canada system facilities including healthcare and education systems offered in the same way as for the Canadian citizens. However, “temporary working permit” holder will not be able to use those facilities. That type of permit is provided only to be able to specific job for a short period.


Apartments and homes for rent in Montreal


There are many apartments and homes that are provided for rent. After moving to the city for work, it will be beneficial if you can get one near your working area. Montreal is comparatively cheaper than other cities like Toronto. The rental price and electricity costs are also cheaper than in Toronto, and the moving service is also cheaper when you use our moving company in Montreal Demenagement Montreal. The transport facility is also very easy in the city. There is availability of the public transport which can take you almost all parts of the city.

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