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Necessary information you need know before move from Montreal to Ottawa. The history of Ottawa can be traced down to 1613, when Samuel de Champlain visited the area. This made the Ottawa River a major transport artery. Though settlement did not begin until a man called Philemon Wright founded a small town which he called Wrightstown. Today, this place is now known as Hull. Then in 1826 the Rideau Canal connected the Lawrence River and the present-day Ottawa. A new settlement was built there called Bytown, whose main business was lumber trade. Then by 1855 the name Bytown was changed to Ottawa when it was officially recognised as a city.

Queen Victoria made Ottawa the capital of Canada in 1857 and is still the capital till today. This new status of the city helped in the rapid development of the city. Between 1848 to 1917, it had its own university (Ottawa University), the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian War Museum, the National Gallery of Canada was founded. And from 1893 electric streetcars ran in the streets of Ottawa. In the late 20th century hi-tech industries became stake holders in Ottawa. Ottawa is also well known for Tourism and shopping centre in Canada. Today Ottawa is a flourishing city with a population estimated at 985,000. This makes Ottawa the fourth largest metro area in Canada.

In 2002, bilingualism became official in Ottawa, making all municipal services available in both of Canadian French and Canadian English. 37% of Ottawa's population can speak both languages. The city also has an additional 20.4% of other languages which includes 1.1% Italian, 1.2% Spanish, 3.0% Chinese, 3.2% Arabic and many others. Ottawa is an enviable city in in terms of academic pursuits or professional development. It has 6 regional colleges and universities; with professional schools and technology institutes, which creates a flexible education and training for all. The city also has quality private and public schools for children. And in any school of choice, there is an opportunity to learn in French or English. The city’s diverse multicultural community does not interfere with the learning culture as it hosts different languages, cultures and religions.

Before you decide to get a house in Ottawa you need to pay close attention to the business side of it. The truth is being prepared is the best way to tackle   it as there enough good available housing in this city. All you need to do is settle down and look for your dream house. Real estate in Ottawa is booming as recent reports have it that, members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 15,537 residential properties in 2016 alone, which is an increase of 6% from the previous year. And these properties have high rate of competition as most properties are sold within 95 days.  Out of these 15,537 properties sales, 2,939 were condominiums and 12,597 were freehold houses. This is the same story for renting apartments in Ottawa.  Therefore, finding a house in this city is relatively easy and though the prices may be on the rise as reports also have it that the fees have seen a 1.5% increase between 2015 to 2016. But it all boils down to what you want as your dream home in Ottawa.

If you are planning on moving Montreal, Laval to Ottawa, you can make use of two steps method. One is by leaving to find somewhere temporary to stay before you move your things with the help of movers with a suitable quote. Our company move home, apartment, piano for best price every day, Demenagement Montreal. You can search online and look for reliable helpers in Ottawa area. There are good movers in Montreal with excellent quote to move you to this city because this city is the capital of Canada and can be accessed through air, land and sea.

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