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Need to move from Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull to Montreal? Necessary information you need to know before to move to Montreal from Ottawa. The area called Montreal today was first discovered by Jacques Cartier in 1535, before a handful French settlers moved in by 1642. All through the history of this city, it has always been a British stronghold but a French settlement, meaning it is bilingual. Till today Montreal is still officially a bilingual city. It is the second largest French-speaking city in the world and the largest French-speaking city in North America. The city is about 350 years of history and can still be seen in its modern surroundings today. In 2001, the government of Quebec passed legislation to merge more than one city and or towns in the province of Quebec, so as to reduce city deficits, evenly distribute town wealth and balance budgets. It was finally implemented in January, 2002. Forcing the suburb towns around the island of Montreal to merge with the city and become boroughs. Though there was a huge amount of opposition to this merger with even large protests around downtown Montreal, demanding that the legislation be eliminated but the merger still went ahead. Montreal today has a population of 4 million people of virtually every single nationality on this planet. It has this European flair mixed with North American savoir-faire. Montreal is a wonderful example of a real international city where newcomers can always feel at home and can easily find someone who speaks their language.


Majority of the citizens in this city speak French as their first language. Thus, French is the main language of instruction at public schools in Montreal, and for children who do not understand French support is provided for them. The High school grades in Montreal is different from the whole of Canada as it has only 1 - 11 grade, instead of up to grade 12. They make up for this last level by making the pupils who want to continue to university, must first complete another two years at their post-secondary college. We provide moving discount for students, our service is to offer best quote for a move from Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull to Montreal.


This city has a good proportion of students as, there are nearly 4.5 students in every hundred residents. They have 12 junior colleges, 2 French universities: université de montréal and université du québec à Montréal (uqam) and 2 English universities Concordia and McGill. McGill University is the best-known English speaking university in Montreal and its one of the best 3 universities in Canada’s and even makes regular appearance in the world’s top 100 universities. English is the language of instruction at McGill.


Montreal’s housing market consists majorly of renters (50%). The city was built in such a way that includes not only high-rise buildings, but has many other apartment styles you can chose from. There’s the duplex and even triplex available. A typical Montreal apartment has winding stairs and with two/three story apartment buildings where each unit has its own separate entrance. It is advisable to rent from an accredited institution. While looking through their apartment ads, apartments are arranged according to sizes in this form -1 ½, 3 ½, 4 ½, etc. The full number refers to the number of rooms in the apartment and the fraction refers to bathrooms and the rest. So, it means a 1 ½/2 ½ refers to a studio or bachelor-sized apartment and a 3 ½ is a normal apartment with kitchen included, closed bedroom, living space and bathroom. Montrealer’s will tell you South is towards the Saint-Lawrence River or the Lachine Canal and North of the city is towards the apex of the mountain, but this is geographically incorrect. There are also houses for buyers just make sure you pass through the house source.


If you are moving from Ottawa to Montreal now or in the near future, there are lots of important things you need to know before moving. Proper planning for moving is key to a successful move and this planning makes adjusting to a new home so much easier without stress.

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