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Changes of address.

Inform your diverse suppliers: telephone, cable, Internet, Hydro-Québec, etc. Dates of the disconnection and rebranchement at your new address. Inform the governments of your change of address : Federal Gouvernement, Provincial Gouvernement. Make your change of address with Post Canada. Inform the family and the friends of your new address and your new phone number.


Councils on the packaging.

Begin the packaging of articles which you rarely use. Pack the dishes in papers newspapers. Put the lightest articles on the top in boxes. Use labels "Fragile" and arrows "Upward" for the boxes which require a particular attention. Attention boxes are planned to support 20 kg or 45 lbs. The bottom of boxes must be sealed well. Stick all the removable rooms. Label your cardboards by mentioning the room where they must be put down. Make also for your furniture.

Preparation of the furniture.

Disconnect your household electrical appliances. Empty the refrigerator and the freezer 24 hours before The date of the move. Certain mobile parts sometimes require a locking before the transport. If you have to defuse furniture, put bolts and directives of assembly in a bag of plastic, And stick under the piece of furniture. He is of your responsibility for verifying well that these equipments are Prepared for the transport. Remove all which is hung on on walls and ceilings.

The choice of his removal man.

Move with a professional and sleep soundly. The move is a job which requires experience and know-how. In this domain is better to avoid unpleasant surprises because the " false movers " exist. To change place of residence generates of the stress. To move with a professional will allow you to choose the formula of Move the most appropriate in your situation.

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