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Best Price Piano movers in Montreal


It is very difficult to transport the piano from one place to another place. The transportation tasks are to be carried out very professionally. One should take many precautions while moving it. There are many Montreal moving companies in Montreal city that offers to move the piano safely. The moving price in different companies are different.

Followings are some of the popular piano moving companies in Montreal provided with the cost detail.


Demenagement Piano Montreal

The company offers the rate according to the types of the piano required to be moved. The cost detail for different types of piano is listed:-

  • Keyboard - $80 to $100
  • Upright Piano - $250 to $500


Move Piano Montreal to Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, etc.

It offers the service according to the size of the piano in following rates, the rate depending on the various factors.:- The average rate

  • Apartment size - $250 +
  • Upright Piano Studio - $300 +
  • Medium size Upright - $350 +
  • Large Size Upright - $390 +
  • Baby Grand - $550 +
  • Grand Piano - the cost is comparatively higher. To get the exact price you will need to contact the company and he will provide you after he take a look at the piano in your resident.


Similarly, there are many piano moving companies offering its service in the city of Montero. The company’s price rates cannot be mentioned as exact price as it depend on the various conditions which includes the factors like:


Types of Piano

The cost of piano moving is very dependent on the piano type. There are various types of piano like keyboard, upright, grand and many others. All the piano have different sizes. So, the big size piano will basically cost more price. Our company offers experienced piano movers, quality piano moving service for local and long distance. If you have a residential move and there is a piano call us and save!


Distance to be Covered

The price also depends on how far the piano is to be moved. If it should be moved to the short distance, the rate is low and if the distance is long then the rate is higher. But we offer low price for local and longue distance move.



The different obstacles in the way also determines the price. If there are many obstacles like uneasy stairs, tables and others on the way then the price rate is higher.

Hence, no company will provide you the exact price when you first contact the company. They will consider the various above factor to fix the price. To know your price just call us now! Our rates are the best in Montreal area!


We provide professional and affordable piano moving service in Montreal.

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