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Before to choose a moving company to move you in Pointe-Claire, contact-us. Demenagement ProImperial is the best solution for your move or storage needs! We move furniture, appliances, piano, billiard, in Montreal and long distance from Ponte-Claire to Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec. Gatineau, Mississauga. Pointe Claire is quite an old city. It is an on-island Suburb. Most of its area is of residential nature. Apart from being a residential city it has economic character as well, a lot of businesses run here as well like the manufacture of light goods and retail industry etc. It has everything that a developed city has, like; fine schools, great offices and good hospitals. The windmill is the symbol of this city. It has a population of about 31,380 people. ( 2011, census). Main language of this city is English.

Here are the names of few schools that you would find in this city; John Rennie High School and Lindsay Place High School.

The homes of Point Claire are very pretty. They are the houses that one dreams about. They have cool bedrooms with wonderfully amazing attached bathrooms. This is not enough; the kitchens of these houses are quite spacious and have good architectures. Who wouldn't want to live in homes that are a real picture to those kitchens or houses that are described in fairy tales or books. Fascinated much? Wondering would you be able to be at such homes, right? Well! you can as these homes are available for sale and rent on affordable prices. All you must do is to find one that fits your requirements, this is going to be a little tough as this city has a very little number of houses that are available on sale and rent.

Well! to be honest, even this is not going to be a hard endeavor, you would get a good home in a little time. So, start finding one as that would make you start a new life here at Point Claire.

Move your House in Pointe-Claire

You can move your house here by taking in the help of " Demenagement ProImperial ". They are the best apartment movers. They use the best trucks to transport the furniture. Apart from that they have the best tools that help them do this work of moving in a short time.

Move your Office in Pointe-Claire

This city can offer great prospects for your business. We assure you that you would see the graph of your business to rise drastically after your shift your office from Montreal to Point Claire.

Move your Piano in Pointe-Claire

Pianos are beautiful. They are so attractive and give out soothing music for which one never wants to get such a great instrument to get hurt. Here are a few problems that are faced by those who try to move their Pianos themselves.

  • The weight of Pianos leaves a backache to the family members as they are not under the habit of picking up this much weight.
  • The Piano gets damaged as it is heavy and slips from the hands of the people who are not experienced in moving Pianos

So, to avoid such a mess hire the workers of "Demenagement ProImperial" as they are the best piano movers in town and deliver your piano safely to their destination at Point Claire.

Move Your Billiard in Pointe-Claire

One might face a lot of problems while moving his/her billiard table from Montreal to Point Claire. A few of them are mentioned below;

  • They are very heavy and cannot be picked easily.
  • They need to be de-assembled before picking up for moving them which is a hard task.
  • They are fragile and it is very imperative that the work is done with great care and precision​ which is usually very difficult for the families.
  • So, to avoid these above-mentioned difficulties call " Demenagement ProImperial " as they are the best billiard movers and would move your billiard with great care from Montreal to Point Claire.

Move Your Furniture in Pointe-Claire

Have you given a try to open the screws of your furniture? Did you find it difficult deal with the heavy furniture all alone? Do you need some good lending hand that might not make you spend much while you move from Montreal to Point Claire? Well! in that case call " Demenagement ProImperial " and assign them the work of moving your stuff. They are proficient in working on de-assembling and assembling of furniture.

Get Student Moving Discount in Pointe-Claire

With " Demenagement ProImperial " you can shift all your stuff by spending a little amount of money. They care for the students as they know that they are the future of the nation and it is the duty of all around them to make them feel at ease. They have several packages for the students that depend upon the weight and size of the things that a student might need to move from Montreal to Point Claire. 

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We were very, very satisfied with the service given by Pro Imperial Moving Company. They were on time (8:00), protected all the furniture, worked very efficiently and were very courteous. Highly recommended this home moving company! Dan Amos.

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