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Rent an apartment in Montreal and move


Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, Canada is very lovely place geographically. The city is just 2 hours’ drive away from the capital Ottawa. There are many apartments available for the rent. The average price of the apartment would be from $600 to $800 for double bedroom and you can expect it to ne $25000 for very qualitative single bedroom condo. Following are details about some of the popular Apartment rentals in Montreal:


Terrasses Embassy Apartments

The apartment is located at Durocher close to the Sherbrooke Street. Around that place you will find numbers of restaurants, theatres and grocery shops. Some of the basic features offered are Laundry room, superintendent on the site, indoor pool, cameras on the necessary places and availability of trained night watchman.

The cost detail:-

Bachelor - $750

Junior Single Bedroom - $850

Single Bedroom - $1000

Double Bedroom - $1450


The Lorne Apartment

The apartment is located in the middle of Prince Arthur and Milton Streets. The building has got 114 apartments. Near the apartment area you find many restaurants, hospitals, grocery shops and others. There is availability of superintend on the site and laundry room. The apartment has underground parking.

The Cost detail:-

Single Bedroom - $895

Double Bedroom - $1330


The 2250 Guy Apartment

The 33 storey building lies between the De Maisonneuve Streets and Sherbrooke. In the area the facilities like cinemas, hospitals, restaurants and other important shops are available. The apartment is perfect for the students who are enrolled in Concordia as the university is just few minutes away. The basic features of the apartments are laundry room, night watchman, Sauna, easy stores and underground parking.

The Cost detail:

Bachelor - $795

Single bedroom - $950

Double Bedroom - $1500 -$2500

Note: The cost details provided above are current rates. However, the cost might be different on different time.


Before moving to Montreal, you will need to consider the followings:-

-Montreal is French speaking city. So, it will be very helpful to learn French for easy life in city.
-The most of the landlords will seek for the one month rent advance before providing you with the apartment in rent. However, you will not need to provide any security deposit. They might seek for the deposits while you make a reservation. While living there you will be asked to provide your full contact information by the landlords.
-It is very important to sign a lease contract before moving to the apartment. Before signing the lease agreement, visit the apartment first.
-Montreal is very busy city. The traffic is very bad. You might have to face the problem of traffic jam in the rush hours. So, you should be ready for that.
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