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Moving from Montreal to Quebec City


You need to move to Quebec from Montreal, Laval, Longueuil? Moving to Quebec with our moving company Demenagement ProImperial and safe money and time! This is a city with a very long history, but I will be summarising it. Before European settlement, the land called Quebec today was occupied by several Indian tribes for centuries, and their cultural and archaeological traces can still be witnessed by visitors today. In 1608, French explorer Samuel de Champlain founded the French colony of Quebec and with time grew into the centre of the "New France" colony.  When Champlain settled here he named it Kébec. Kébec is an Amerindian word meaning place where the river becomes narrow. The City was under French rule from that time to 1759, except for a  few period between 1627 to 1632, when city was controlled by the Kirke brothers. Early European inhabitants were religious missionaries and traders (majorly fur traders). During the 17th/18th centuries, Québec City was the headquarter of New France and its growing territory. At that time, the French empire covered a large section of area, including areas like the Great Lakes, Louisiana, Eastern Canada and even Eastern United States. Recent counts in 2015 of the population, calculated to about 806,400, in the metropolitan area making it Canada's seventh-largest metropolitan area.


The official language of Québec city is often confused with Canada’s official languages. In case you do not know, Canada is officially a bilingual country (English and French), but Québec is officially a unilingual province (French). While only about 8% of English-speaking Canadians are also fluent in French, but 40% of Québec city French-speaking population can speak English fluently. This means that the population in the metropolitan region are bilingual. The educational system in Québec is made up of private and public institutions in both the Anglophone and Francophone sectors. The language of instruction is French in majority of schools in Québec especially at the pre-school level, elementary level and secondary level. However, there is English options for some students who meet the set down requirements for the language option of the Charter. But for college and university level, you can choose to enrol in either French or English language institutions. Québec has 18 universities, including the popular Université du Québec, which has branches all over Québec.


New residents to Quebec City enjoy the European flair of the City that differentiates it from others. New tenants are attracted to the high employment levels and safety of this friendly little city. The City also offers a special touch for renters, as the city is surrounded by spectacular nature.  With special outdoor attractions like swimming, cycling, jogging or rollerblading for its residents. The Upper Town or Old City is a popular area for new movers but finding a house there is hard. The Quebec City offers renters and buyers affordable housing options with low fee rates. Limoilou area and Saint-Rock are good areas you can find a house.


While there’s no subway (metro), Quebec City does have an extensive network of buses that can take you anywhere. Highways 40 and 20 connect Quebec-City to Ottawa and Montreal, and there is also an easy access route to Lac-Saint-Jean to the north and to the Charlevoix area to the east.


If you have plan on moving from Montreal to Québec City, Canada, you will need to prepare yourself financially, mentally and emotionally for this move. Truth is, moving is not easy and even selecting the best movers is stressful, but we are free stress movers, just call us: Demenagement Montreal, we move pianos, all kind of billiard tables, apartment and full house . You can access most of the movers through phones or the internet to get affordable rates. Do not be shy as they are absolutely free. Choosing a moving company should not be rushed. Quebec City has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada and this can be a good city you can consider moving to in Canada.

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