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You need to move to Sherbrooke from Montreal, Laval, Longueuil? Moving to Sherbrooke with our moving company Demenagement ProImperial and safe money and time! This city is located just at the confluence between the Magog rivers and St. Francis, with its irregular topography of valleys and plateaus. Sherbrooke is the capital of the Eastern Townships region and one of the largest cities in Quebec. The Abenakis back then usually call this site “Big Forks,” but it was officially named Sherbrooke from Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, who was the Governor General of Canada from 1816 to 1818. This city is a lively tourist and a good home destination where heritage and cultural activities take place in a beautiful natural set up. There are tangible signs of the English-speaking community’s contribution to the city’s development like the Domaine Howard located in the upscale Old North ward, Bishop’s University’s campus in the Borough of Lennoxville and the Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre. It has a growing population of about 160,000 people according to latest statistics. The city’s houses many major sports competitions and festivals that create a great sense of celebration, to the delight of its citizens and tourists. The city is famous for both its natural and urban sides, offers attractions, hotels and restaurants for any budget and taste.


Sherbrooke is majorly French-speaking but because of its closeness to the US border many people there still speak English. No wonder many towns still in the Eastern Townships have English names like Sutton, Richmond and others. Also, most of Sherbrooke’s main streets also bear English names (Queen, Wellington, King, etc.). They have 8 institutions educating about 40,000 students, with staff strength of 11,000 people that have made Sherbrooke their home. In Quebec, Sherbrooke has the largest concentration of students. Sherbrooke has good public and private schools for children that you can chose from.  It has an English-language university, Bishop's University and a French-language university, the Université de Sherbrooke.


Compared to other close cities nearby, the rent for a 5-bedroom apartment in Sherbrooke is 20% lower, and also for a single normal family house is 40% less when compared to others. This is a good reason to choose Sherbrooke as a home. In Sherbrooke, the average monthly rents ranges from $472 - $500 for 1-bedroom apartments, $550 - $586 for 2-bedroom apartments and $713-$750 for 3-bedroom apartments depending on some conditions of the house. This houses are available as the city is growing rapidly. Recent vacancy rates were calculated at 3.6%, 5% and 4.1% for one-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom rental apartments. This shows that there is a good proportion of rental apartments vacant and ready for move to. There are also houses which the present occupant had given notice to move available too. And for those who which to buy a property I can give you a hint by telling you that, in Sherbrooke the average house price as at 2015, was $218,296. With these you can see that this city is a good place to move to and start a home or build a house.


Moving can be a very expensive and stressful experience, if you do not take precautions. Finding your path to Sherbrooke using a Montreal moving company is relatively easy. For all your moving needs, home moving, piano or billiard moving to Sherbrooke call-us.

Search for a company with an affordable quote and have several terminals you can select from. The popular centres you must consider include the Burlington International Airport in Vermont which is just 212 kilometres from the city centre, Montreal, Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport which is also 167 kilometres from the city centre and Montreal/Saint-Hubert Airport that is 154 kilometres from the city centre. Search for movers that have many other amenities and packages that you can enjoy to make your relocation much easier, including furniture and box inventory, cleaning-up and unpacking services: Demenagement Montreal.

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