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Information you need know before move from Montreal to OttawaOttawa – the capital of Canada is the center of attention for all the adventure lovers across the world. The scenic beauty of this city astonishes the visitors who seek refuge from their daily life. It is a perfect destination for its residents who enjoy the mix of politics and culture in a city that is sophisticatedly planned. The clean and compact structure of this city makes everyone fall in love with its magnificence in the very first visit. Accommodating and proving to be a home to more than eighty thousand residents, the capital of country astonishes everyone with its stunning architectural presence. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and Canadian Museum of Nature connect visitors to the heart of its culture and heritage. Designated as the fourth largest city of Canada, Ottawa has world’s largest skating rink that allures adventure-seekers from all over the world to make the best of their winters. In summers, it provides the pleasure of boating in a sunny day.


The city was named Ottawa because of its association and reference with Ottawa River. Over the years, the city has evolved as a political and technological center. The original borders of the city expanded through several annexations over the years and through a major merge in 2011.


Ottawa is the most educated city in Canada, accommodating number of educational and cultural institutions. Amongst many others, the National Arts Centre and National Gallery are the renowned centers of education and knowledge of Arts. It also has a high standard of living, the highest in the nation. Furthermore, it has low unemployment levels. It was also ranked second out of the 150 countries worldwide in the Numbeo quality of life index 2014-15.


More than half of the total population of Ottawa has graduated from college and universities. Thus, the city is known to produce significantly high number of scientists, engineers and doctors. The University of Ottawa and Carleton University are the two main institutes for higher education. Ottawa’s two main public colleges are Algonquin College and La Cite Collegiate. Alongside the ones mentioned, there is a diverse range of public and private schools in the region. The 44.8 percent of the population is fluent in English and French; while 45.5 percent can only speak English, leaving behind 8.6 percent of French speakers and 1.1 percent of those who have no command over French or English.

The monthly rent for living in an expensive area for 900 square ft. furnished house can be calculated up to $1,674. For living in a normal area, the rent for a furnished accommodation for 900 square ft. can be up to $1047. For a furnished studio that is spread over 480 square ft. in an expensive area can estimate up to $1483. In a normal area, the rent for a furnished studio over 480 square ft. is around $1003.

Some reliable moving companies in Montreal include: Demenagement Montreal, Demenagement Economique Alex. No additional costs are added to the moving prices. The number of movers involved and the number of trucks involved might give rise or fall to prices. The average cost of moving per hour per mover is approximately $65. Piano moving service is also provided by most movers. The prices change according to the distance of the destination and the hours consumed in the process. The prices also change according to the amount of items and the type of households that are being moved. Also, changes in seasons also contribute to change in prices. For example, the prices are low during winter. Moving Montreal to Ottawa would of course cost a lot more in summer. If moving in to a studio from Montreal to Ottawa, minimum cost required would be $550. 

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