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Information you need know before move from Montreal to Rimouski.  Situated near Rimouski River on the banks of Saint Lawrence, the glorious Rimouski city is a well-blended combination of Pointe-au-Pere and Rimouski’s old cities. Not only this, the territory includes parishes of Sainte-Odile-sur-Rimouski and Sainte-Blandine; the municipalities of Mont-Lebel and Bic; and the village of Rimouski-Est. Founded by Sir Renae Lepage De Ste Claire in the year 1969, the city of Rimouski accumulates about fifty thousand residents who call it their home. The city holds a great cultural value and unmatched enthusiasm for sports. Its cultural heritage includes Maison Lamontagne, which has marked itself as amongst the oldest historic timber houses in Quebec in the district; later named as District of Rimouski Est. The city is a hub of industrial, tourists and cultural attractions.

The city of Rimouski has also been termed as ‘regional metropolis’ because it offers diverse range of health care facilities, educational institutions; along with personal, professional and business services. Most of the major administrative centers and organizational headquarters are present at the heart of Rimouski. The economic vitality of the city is based on these centers, including provincial and federal agencies; and regional service center of Hydro-Quebec.

The biggest contributor to the development of its economy is its maritime sector and provides various research centers to facilitate students and their needs of attaining higher education. There are numerous universities in the city of Rimouski that have attracted passionate students from all over the globe. Amongst many others, Universite Du Quebec and College of General and Professional Education are worth mentioning. The city provides education to more than five thousand students, who were welcomed in Rimouski to continue their passion for seeking higher education. Universite Du Quebec is resort for French speaking students, and offers excellent programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. It is a blessing for those who are not fluent in English, as 98.3% of the total population can only speak French. While only 0.7 percent of the total population can speak English; only 0.6 percent of the individuals residing in the region are able to communicate in other languages.

To quote prices, rent per month for one bedroom apartment is $625 within the city Centre and outside the City Centre the rent is $550. The rent for a three bedroom apartment in the City Centre in $860 and rent for three bedroom apartment outside City Centre in $790. If one wishes to purchase an apartment in the City Centre, the cost per square meter is $1500. And the cost of purchasing an apartment outside the City Centre per square meter is the same that is $1500. The mortgage interest rate monthly on an average is 2.94 percent.

If you are thinking of moving to Rimouski, get in contact with a good and reliable moving company. These include: Demenagemnt ProImperial Inc and Demenagemnt Economique Alex. The cost of moving on an average is $25 per hour per mover. The cost tends to fluctuate. It depends mainly upon the distance of the locations and the area. It also depends on the types of homes that are being moved. These moving companies are proficient movers and have experience in handling all your stuff from a billiard table to a piano and a lot more things at prices so convenient you wouldn't think twice about hiring them. The prices can also change depending on the changing seasons. For example, prices are much lower in winter. In July, the bill can go up to $200 or even $300. Cost of moving also varies depending on whether the move is within or outside the premises of city. If the move is from outside the city it can cost up to $1500 for a studio apartment, as for a two-room apartment it can cost up to $2500 whereas for a big house it can go as high as $3600.

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